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Stressed Out? You Might Want To Unplug!

If texting, emailing, and the demands of social media have you feeling a bit stressed out, it might be a good time to unplug and carve out time for some real self-care. In the age of social media, people often feel pressured to engage in performative wellness with picture-perfect healthy meals, gym check-ins, and decluttered closet photos. Keeping up with some of these healthy trends can be a bit overwhelming. While you're not likely to opt out of all social media, it's essential to reclaim some of your time and your sanity. Here are some tips for a back-to-basics wellness revamp.

  1. Simplify. Whether it's your skincare routine or your meal prep, don't overthink it. 
  2. Choose to stay instead of going out. The joy of missing out, JOMO, is a real thing! Join in on the trend and skip some of the parties and dinner invites when you need some downtime. 
  3. Set time limits on tech. When you're not working, carve out a specific time of day to respond to emails or texts. Allow yourself to indulge in social media if it's important to you, but put a time limit on it. Then put your phone and laptop out of sight so you don't feel tempted to constantly engage. 
  4. Unplug at least an hour before bed. Create a nightly routine that involves sleep-inducing behaviors. Massage Milkweed Balm over sore muscles, journal, read, or take a warm bath. 
  5. Eat healthy but avoid restrictive eating plans. You may lose weight with Keto, Paleo, and Whole 30, but staying on plan might be causing some additional stress. Instead, opt for making healthy choices without so many restrictions. 
  6. Embrace imperfection. Be okay with a messy house, a few extra pounds, or skipping the gym. Perfection is not a realistic achievement for anyone.