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Summer Is Here - Stay Healthy!

Most people look forward to summer and all the activities that are happening during this time. This year is not a typical year with social distancing, but everyone can still go outside and get out of the house! What are some of the obstacles that can affect your health in the summer?

One culprit to staying healthy is the rise of ticks and their disease carrying capabilities. Three specific illnesses caused by tick bites include lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted tick fever and the heartland tick fever. These are the most familiar illnesses but there are many more. The ticks are getting smaller and smaller and harder to find on your body. Remove the tick with tweezers and clean the area with alcohol. Save the tick in a sealed container or ziplock bag for identification in case treatment is needed. 

Another safety concern in summer is related to the rising heat because of climate change. It is important to stay indoors during the hottest time of day (midday). Midday is also the time when you can get the worst sunburn.  If you must work outside use sunscreen and reapply each time your skin gets wet from sweat or swimming.  Remember to dress in organic materials, such as cotton that can breathe and help you feel cooler. It is easy to get heat stroke if you are not accustomed to working or staying outside. Drink plenty of water when outside to prevent heat stroke. When you feel thirsty, you are already becoming dehydrated. Caffeinated beverages make you more dehydrated.

Lastly, wear a hat to protect your head and your ears from sunburn or cancer-causing melanoma. Wear eye goggles to prevent eye injuries when mowing your lawn or working outside when the wind could blow dust in your eyes.

If you happen to overdo it and your muscles ache, reach for your trusty Milkweed Balm and get back to enjoying your favorite activities. 

Take care & enjoy your summer!