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The Healing Power of a Good Night’s Sleep

Even though it appears as though your body is at rest when you’re asleep, it’s actually doing some pretty important work. As you sleep, your body repairs and restores itself. The average adult needs about 8 uninterrupted hours a night to function well. That number increases when your body has extra work to do after an illness or surgery. Part of any recovery process involves sleep.

Sleep heals you from the inside out. While you sleep, tissue growth is encouraged by the release of hormones from your brain. This can help you recover from injuries or illness. You also make more white blood cells that attack viruses and bacteria when you sleep. Additionally, your heart gets a bit of a break when you snooze because your blood pressure dips. When you combine these factors with better mood and more energy, we can understand the value of a good night’s sleep.

What happens when pain prevents you from getting enough ZZZ’s at night? How can your body heal itself when it’s not getting the proper rest? If you suffer from neuropathy or other painful conditions, your body needs time to reboot at night. You can soothe your muscles before bed by massaging Milkweed Balm. You can use Milkweed Balm preventively before bed, or apply it as needed during the night to help you get back to sleep. 

Don’t miss another important night’s sleep. Help your body to heal itself by doing what you can to promote rest. Start by adding Milkweed Balm to your nightly routine and let the natural oils soothe your muscles.