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The War on Cancer

Cancer. A four-letter word to those affected by it. Treatments for cancer today are more specialized and advanced than they were even (fifty) ten years ago. However, treatments today leave the patient feeling ill, tired, and often in excruciating pain. The reason why people BATTLE cancer is because it’s a WAR with your own body for survival.
Chemotherapy is just one weapon in the arsenal against cancer. While effective, it is also essentially a poison meant to kill cancer. Healthy cells get caught in the crossfire. This leads to brain fog, fatigue, nausea, and pain. These side effects can be strong and leave you feeling worse than the cancer you are trying to destroy. Sometimes the side effects go away and sometimes they linger and become unwelcome scars from your cancer battle.
Healthy lifestyles can go a long way to helping with the nausea, fatigue, and brain fog. However, the pain and neuropathy may require other interventions to help you return to your previous self. This may include pain meds, physical therapy, and in some cases surgical treatment to lessen the pain and improve life after cancer diagnosis.
With chemo and other cancer medications you are putting many harsh chemicals into your body. To compensate clean and healthy options become necessary to help your body cope with the battle raging inside of you. Help win that battle with Milkweed Balm. Our natural milkweed seed oil acts as an anti-inflammatory to help relieve your chemo pains, provide relief for radiation burns, sore joints, headaches, and the neuropathy that so often comes with cancer treatments. Milkweed balm comes in a roller ball oil for easy application. Some prefer a cream. You can choose from four naturally scented creams to help provide extra skin love to your pain inflicted body.
Cancer is a war that leads to many changes in your body. Healthy living, Milkweed Balm, laughter and loved ones are all tools in your arsenal to help you fight the battles and win your body back from cancer.