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Travelling with Pain

Living with pain every day can be difficult enough, but traveling with pain is even more challenging. Removed from the comfort of your own home, traveling can exacerbate your regular aches and pains. Sitting for long periods of time, sleeping on hotel mattresses and not getting enough rest when traveling can cause unwanted anxiety. How can you manage your pain and enjoy a trip without losing your mind? If you plan ahead, you can look forward to your trip without dreading the pain.

When possible, plan to travel for relaxation so you can look forward to unwinding and rest instead of a lot of sightseeing. If you are taking in the sights, don’t try to do it all in one day. Plan short and meaningful visits in lieu of full days. Remember to rest in between excursions.

If you are taking any prescription medications or supplements, be sure to refill them before you leave home. Pack plenty of Milkweed Balm in your carry-on bag or suitcase. Apply Milkweed Balm during the flight or long car rides.  Plan to bring enough to apply a few times a day.

Remember to move around to stretch your muscles when you are sitting for an extended period of time. Go for a short walk every two hours if you are traveling in a car or take a walk to the restroom if you are on a plane. Stiff muscles can add to your pain, so make sure you continue to move. 

Most importantly, rest when you can. Put your feet up, take naps and re-energize. You want to come home feeling better than when you left.